Monday, February 9, 2009

a weekend with family

well, i admit i'd rather trailed off on entries. i had the distinct impression that no one read any of these posts, and since i've had a long term conviction that the world at large is distinctly disinterested in my opinion, i rather passively decided to go back to my previous habits of keeping my thoughts to myself. I've been a long-time journaller, since the end of medical school, and i can always give up the granting of public access to those thoughts again, very easily.

and then, this past weekend, we had the joy of a visit from my sister and brother in law. really great folks on a lot of levels. and they were asking questions from that last entry on the commercialism and how they'd trailed off on checking since it'd been so long.

I'm distracted by the bagpipes playing in the park. sorry if i lose my train of thought. i love this city.

so, through that conversation, and many others through the weekend, i started to feel like it might be worth tapping some thoughts into the public sector again. i suppose it is unlikely to do any harm making them accessable. if no one ever reads them, it's just like my journal, with less carbon footprint.

our greatest discussions in our family of late have been about schooling for the kiddos. patenting simply must be the hardest of human occupations. at a moral level, the sense of responsibility is staggering. and yet, over all of human history, the entire bell curve of humanity has been pulling it off. it's not like there's an iq test you have to pass before you can procreate.

so there's always a bit of discussion surrounding our (current) decision to home school. My wife was trained as a music teacher, so it's not as if we're opposed to formal education. we haven't lived in louisiana long, and there's been an enormous amount of change for these little people in the past couple years. they were home schooled in macon, and they were briefly in school when we first moved here.

why the belief that school is better? it's not a very efficient system for the child's time. they don't generally like it. i'm not sure that they usually are such a good influence on each other. what's the plus?

Ah, well, i've barely scratched the surface and i'm out of time for tonight. many more nights to come.


  1. The plus is the mass exchange of germs between kids which helps to keep the medical community from collapsing in on itself due to financial duress which would lead to even bigger issues in our beloved society! (Maybe I shouldn't have started watching "24"...)